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This Lady Called Life (Nollywood Movie Review)

It was probably the kind of predictability this film couldn’t avoid, but it’s still there. But this is still a very good watch. This Lady called Life gives hope, love, defeat, pain, and fear. Most pertinently, much of it feels real, and this movie, from the get-go, has you hooked and rooting for its titular […]

The Screening Room with Adenike: “Dinner” Nigerian Movie Review

Mike Okafor is invited by his childhood friend and buddy; Adetunde George Jnr, to have DINNER and spend the weekend with him and his fiancée Lola Coker as they plan for their upcoming wedding. Mikey decides to come along with his girlfriend Diane Bassey, as he plans to propose to her. Things get out of […]


MUNA | ADESUA ETOMI | NIGERIAN MOVIE REVIEW ‘Muna’ is the story of a spirited girl raised by her grandmother; the last surviving member of their family. Muna’s driving desire to provide a better life for herself and grandmother in the land of milk and honey leads to shady characters that will change the trajectory. […]