Femi Adebayo Lateef

Femi Adebayo Lateef

Femi Adebayo Lateef was born into the family of Adebayo Salami on the 31st of December, 1972. He is a born entertainer and also born into a family filled with entertainers. His father Adebayo Salami popularly known as Oga Bello is one of the best and the first set of Nollywood actors.

The Nigerian movie industry has been interesting with the effort of this great family, Femi Adebayo started acting at a very young age and this is due to the influence of his father, he was well brought up and prepared for the game.

Femi Adebayo is an actor, movie producer, director, filmmaker and also a lawyer, he is a prolific thespian and very influential to the community and the country at large.

If you are conversant with Yoruba comedy movies you sure must have come across this movie oracle called Femi Adebayo, he is one of the actors we love to see on our home videos due to his talent and funny character.

He is an embodiment of talent and that cannot be questioned because he started at a very tender age when he was a kid, let us quickly show you brief information about Femi Adebayo.

What a perfect actor! Femi Adebayo is a Yoruba movie actor, son of Baba Adebayo Salami, he has been in the Yoruba movie world for a long time and is the choice of most Nollywood movie lovers, we have seen him feature in English movies, epic Nigerian movies and also in Yoruba movies of all genres, very adaptable.

Femi Adebayo is an award-winning Yoruba actor, he was awarded the City People Movie Award for Best Actor in 2015 and we have seen his performance in movies like Owo Blow, Jelili, Anini, Ayitale and many others.

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